Garage Door Maintenance

Why Regular Garage Door Maintenance Is Important?

Most people open and close their garage door hundreds of times every single month, which leads to the natural wear and tear associated with heavy use, If not maintained properly, your garage door could become unsafe, which god forbid could harm you or your family, Regular Garage Door Maintenance could prevent, problems later on that could be really costly to repair, Regularly maintaining your garage door will add years to its lifetime


  • Look and Listen
  • Check wiring and connections
  • Perform UL 325 Safety Reverse Test
  • Inspect for proper operation
  • Test the Garage Door Balance
  • Remove cover and inspect all internal gears and belts
  • Check transmitter and wall stations for proper operation and range
  • Keypad and transmitter batteries are checked
  • Check photo-eye alignment
  • Inspect springs mounting pad for cracks and splits
  • Inspect section condition
  • Inspect door alignment
  • Inspect rollers
  • Inspect hinges and hardware
  • Inspect cables for wear or damage
  • Inspect locks for proper operation
  • Inspect weather strip for wear or damage


  • Adjust up and down force sensitivity
  • Clear the Tracks
  • Tighten drive chain/belt as needed
  • Lubricate drive train and all sprockets
  • Set up and down limits as needed
  • Keypad and transmitter batteries replacement if needed.
  • Adjust photo-eye alignment
  • Adjust and lubricate springs
  • Adjust door alignment
  • Lubricate all rollers
  • Tighten hinges and hardware
  • Lubricate all bearings

Should I Repair my Garage Door Myself?

In our 10 years of experience we have received many calls from clientele that tried DIY repairs on their garage doors. While some worked out well others were really very fortunate nothing bad happened. They didn’t have the essential tools to relieve pressure or even an understanding of how different parts came together.


There are DIY repairs you can do and Fresno is always happy to walk you through the repair technique if want. But when you are dealing with the immediate release of 500 lbs of pressure, leave the repair to us. Many of the repairs look simpler than they are. Even in a broken state parts may be keeping the garage door somewhat stable so it doesn’t crash down or come out of the tracks. This could be catastrophic to anyone directly underneath.


If you have misgivings about your garage door DIY, call Fresno. We will treat you right. Our technicians are quick and we are sensibly priced. Remember the golden rule of DIY is pay close attention and call for help if things look like they could get out of control. Doing repairs to your garage door by yourself can be very hazardous.


Part of the problem is people don’t consider a garage door service company until there is a breakdown. It puts a lot of pressure on homeowners and business owners when you have to choose a company and it doesn’t always work out to their advantage. You need garage door repair service now. You need it because there is a problem. Fresno Garage Door wants to make it easy to choose a quality garage door repair company.


We have a lot of happy customers over the last 10 years. We’ve also watched a lot of the fly by night competitors do what they do best- vanish.


Hire a garage door company that has the best qualifications for you. You won’t be impressed by the number of garage door businesses that try to bluff their way through.


More importantly, is your property covered for damages or do they have liability insurance? Suitable insurance means they cover the value of your home and cover any injury that could happen or worse. You can’t accept anything less.


Dealing with an unidentifiable company is crazy business. A lot of good people have been hurt by bad companies. Do they guarantee the replacement parts quality? Have they been around long enough for their guarantee to mean something?


With some of the component parts if it is poorly made and breaks, it can be very deadly for anyone standing in close proximity. Will the company guarantee their work in writing?


Part of our guarantee includes same day service. We give better service and repair alternatives for our customers because we want your repeat business. It makes sense that we want to do a good job and get hired for a maintenance contract. For garage door service Fresno gives Fresno customers peace of mind. Money can’t buy that.

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