Garage Door Spring Replacement

Springs are the most likely parts to break on your garage door

Got one of your garage door springs broken; we’ve got you covered, Get your Garage Door springs replaced Now!

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

The lifetime of a garage door spring is based on the cycles. The minimum specification is 10,000 cycles. That means the garage door will go up and down on an average of 10,000 times before the spring breaks. The more you use your garage door, the sooner the springs will break, and need to be replaced.

Springs that Suit Your Garage Door Best!

During normal usage wear and tear take their toll just like with every other moving part. The torsion springs wear down after 6000 cycles or roughly 6 years. Normally they break down at the same time because they work together to lift your door. The normal utility of your torsion springs is about 6 years. Fresno Garage Doors can provide a maintenance service that protects you from broken springs by inspecting the torsion springs as part of the garage door safety check twice a year.


Our technicians see of the signs of wear while they look at your springs. They will exchange them before too much wear and tear happen and before they break. Fresno garage door repair company in Fresno keeps a complete line of manufacturer approved substitute parts. We always ready to give a hand to you.


Fresno Garage Door Spring Repair


Fresno Garage Doors is Fresno’s local expert garage door repair service. For 10 years we have delivered quick and reliable garage door service to customers in Fresno. Our technicians are factory certified so they know how to fix your garage door spring under warranty. They are proficient enough to take care of every kind of problem you might have. We can repair your garage door torsion springs and fix all the problems linked with it failing.


Our technicians’ training is in installations, service, and repair of all brand name major manufacturers components. With their expertise, our technicians have shored up our reputation as the better garage door repair company in Fresno.


Don’t forget, a broken torsion spring will cause a lot more harm to your garage door and garage. This is what can happen beyond the possibility of injuring you. When your torsion springs are broken or worn out, your door opens irregularly. This can damage the door panels and other components. If you are having a problem, replace it.


Call Fresno for garage door repair and we’ll take care of you straight away. We will start by examining the torsion springs. We can make certain of the exact cause of the problem you are having with your garage doors. Some normal signs of damaged torsion springs typically include your garage door becomes uneven during opening. Another sign is the door won’t open more than 2-3 inches.


Our technicians know what it takes to ease the force in the torsion springs to make the repairs. We make the repairs without accepting further damage. We repair and replace every garage door component quick and efficiently with factory approved parts.


Your garage door torsion springs are mounted to brackets through nonmoving anchor cones. The anchor brackets fasten to your garage walls. At the other end of the spring is a winding cone that is used for installing, uninstalling the spring, and for adjustment to it. The springs are loaded with force and that is what opens and closes your garage doors. Repairs and service is done with a capable technician and special garage door tools. During installation or adjustment of the torsion springs you need to have a qualified technician doing the work to keep it safe.


The lower end of the garage door cable moves your garage door up as the cable drum transmits the force from the shaft. The shaft runs through the torsion springs and it releases the force when the drum is active. The cable drums pressurize the bearings. The end plates rest against the shaft. The drum has coils wrapped around it. All these parts work together to open and close your garage door. As you can see with just this brief overview, it takes a qualified technician to sort this out.


Call Fresno for garage door torsion spring repair. We’ll get it repaired quickly. Don’t forget- 24-hour a day service for garage door spring repair. Call us and we’ll give you better garage door repair services and a better price than you can get with any other repair service in your area!


Our technicians can recommend a piece of advice about maintenance if customers want to take care of some things. Call Fresno today! You’ll be glad you did.

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